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The ABCRI Box Car Track is an educational and stimulating environment for students and teachers. ABCRI instructors will teach the Field Trip Teachers and Volunteer Parents how to teach the students step-by-step to drive box cars.  Both students and adults will have an opportunity to learn the skills needed to master box car driving.

ABCRI provides a Box Car Physics Text to assist teachers and students as they learn about the hands-on physics employed in driving Box Cars, such as gravity, levers, friction and lubrication. Teachers may use our Physics Text before, during and after a Box Car Field Trip.  Students may closely inspect our box cars during their break.  We also have a three wheel lubrication demonstrator available.

Every Student Group must complete a student group contract
Mail with deposit to:      ABCRI
                                         1518 Evelyn Lane
                                         Honolulu, Hawaii 

Field Trips are scheduled during school days for up to 4 hours.  The normal time slot is from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Lunch break is usually from 11:00 am to 11:30 am. Track time ends 15 minutes prior to the end of the field trip.

$7 per student (& siblings). Minimum: $210 for single track / $385 minimum for double track. 
Adults are Free.

A deposit of the minimum program fee is required within 1 week after of making a Field Trip reservation, unless other arrangements are made at time of reservation:
                 $210 for single track
                 $385 for double track
Deposits can be refunded only if:
1) The Field Trip is canceled or rescheduled at least 30 days prior to your event date
2) The time period is rebooked by another group.


1. Teachers/Adults * Must Come With Students
2. Everyone Must Wear Sports Shoes Covering Feet Entirely--Watch or Drive
3. Youth (under 18) Must Wear Long Pants Covering Ankles Fully
4. Helmet ** With Strap Required For Each Driver/Rider
5. Adults Train & Supervise Youth On Track
6. Adults Rotate As Track Marshals, Enforcing Track Safety Rules
7. All Participants Required To Attend Safety Orientation
8. Waiver Required to Attend Any Activity (Watch or Drive)

    1. Teachers/Adults must participate with students on the track (not sitting in tent talking story).  Recommended Teacher/Adult-to-student ratios:
             1st-3rd grades:  1-to-4
             4th-6rd grades:  1-to-6
             7th & older:       1-to-8
    If the adults are not able to effectively supervise the students on the
    the number of students participating at one time will be limited.
  • ** HELMETS:
    1.   Bring Your Own Helmet With Strap if Possible
    2.   Or Rent Bicycle Helmet At Track For $2 Each--Sizes To XL

Everyone attending activities at the Box Car Track must complete an ABCRI TRACK WAIVER OF LIABILITY. Youth under 18 must have their parents fill out the FAMILY INFORMATION section near the bottom and sign it. ALL YOUTH must then PRINT AND SIGN their name at the bottom under ALL OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS FILL OUT BELOW.   WAIVERS fill-out by parents not attending the activity must be completed prior to arrival.  Adults (18+) attending box car activities without children must complete a waiver of their own.  Student Field Trips are an exception to ABCRI's No Drop Off Policy stated on our Track Waiver.

BRING COOLERS and cups.  We have potable water but no drinking fountain. Food and drinks may be brought to the track.  A large pavilion tent is available for each track with tables and chairs. All group activities, including eating, must take place during the 4 hour field trip period, unless the period is extended at an additional cost.   Click Here for Catering Options.

Please print out from this site: Map to Track, Track Waiver, Track Rules and the Physics Text as desired.