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(Reservation Required)

FORMS:      Event Contract       Invitation PDF

Safety Requirements

1.   Read: Family Event Guidelines,Event Contract and Invitation
2.   Then, call BC at 382-5653 when you have the forms with you.  Please leave a message if no answer .


ABCRI's Family Events are an important part of our educational mission.  The heart of our Family Events are
1) instructing and supervising parents as they teach their children to drive and 2) facilitating healthy, family bonding activities. Parents (or Adult  Family Guardians) are required to attended and actively participate in  Family Events.
Box Car Track  activities can be used year-round for school and  youth groups, birthday and other family events, and for employee team  building.

SINGLE TRACK (3 hours in one tent, middle 2 hours on 3 lane track)
                   $295 Flat Rate for up to 35 people
                   plus $8 extra for each person after 35 people
                   Includes everyone, watch or drive, except Keiki under 1 year, who are free
                   Capacity = about 45 people, watch or drive
               DOUBLE TIME (5 hours in one tent, middle 4 hours on 3 lane track)
                     $590 flat rate up to 50 people.
                     plus $8 extra for each person after 50 people.
                     Includes everyone, watch or drive, except Keiki under 1 year, who are free
                     Capacity = about 50 people, watch or drive
                 DOUBLE TRACK (3 hours in two tents, middle 2 hours on both 3 lane tracks)
                     $590 flat rate up to 70 people
                     (required for over 45 people)
                     plus $8 extra for each person after 70 people
                     Includes everyone, watch or drive, except Keiki under 1 year, who are free
                     Capacity = about 90 people, watch or drive

NOTE: If you are bringing another family's child PLEASE bring their parent, too.
1. Parents/Family Guardians Must Come With Youth (under 18)--No Kids Dropped Off
2. Everyone Must Wear Sports Shoes Covering Feet Entirely--Watch or Drive No Crocs, Toms or sandals)
3. Youth (under 18) Must Wear Long Pants Covering Ankles Fully (no leggings)
4. Helmet * With Strap Required For Each Driver/Rider
5. Adults Train & Supervise Youth On Track
6. Adults Rotate As Track Marshals, Enforcing Track Safety Rules
7. All Participants Required To Attend Safety Orientation
8. Waiver Required to Attend Any Activity (Watch or Drive)
             * HELMETS:
             1.  Bring Your Own Helmet With Strap if Possible
             2.  Or Rent Bicycle Helmet At Track For $2 Each--Sizes To XL
Note: Ages 1 to 6 double up with parent, 7 and older drive solo as able.
Please Leave Your Pets At Home -- Service Animals Excepted.

Please arrive on time and read the posted Safety Rules immediately.  Safety  Instruction are scheduled for both children and adults to begin in the  tent 10 minutes before Track Time if most guests  have arrived.  If too many people are late, instructions will be delayed which can result in lost track time. Part 2 of the instructions includes practice
laps.  Some parents will need to be stationed around the  track until the kids thoroughly learn to steer and use the brake handle WITHOUT PUTTING THEIR FEET DOWN.  Then drivers gradually work their way up the ramp from Line #1 to Line #3 as they learn driving skills.  Please make sure your entire group PAYS ATTENTION during instructions.  People who learn and follow the Track Safety Rules have safe and happy events—and learn driving skills.  People who do not follow Track Rules risk injury.

     Our Track is located in the rear section of the Royal Kunia Park  & Ride in Kunia, about 2  miles west of Waikele.  The park and ride is at the corner of Kupuna Loop & Kupuohi Street. Once you turn into the parking lot, look for our checkered flags.  Click Here for a map to the track.Our office is in Honolulu, about 18 miles east of the track.

Each family is required to complete and sign a Track Waiver of Liability upon entering our facility. Each person must then receive a hand stamp before going to the tracks. Sending an ABCRI Invitation (waiver on page 2) to each invited family ahead of time will help your  event begin more smoothly.  A follow up phone call is also needed (See  item #9 on the Event Contract)

     Click Here for Papa John's Pizza & Taco Del Mar Catering Options. You may also bring your own food and soft drinks. Please plan to serve food in the second half of your event.  No cooking or food machines like shave ice are allowed. Sterno food warmers are OK (use with care).  Drinking water is available, but we do not have drinking fountains.  We have neighbors close to the track.  Please leave boom boxes, noisemakers (etc.) at home.  Pinatas should stay at home, too. NO ALCOHOL (OR SMOKING) IS PERMITTED ON ABCRI PREMISES...!  
 If any alcohol is found, the group activity will end immediately with NO REFUND given.

Family Events are scheduled 7 days a week in 3 Hour Time Periods.  Most events are  scheduled on weekends because parents are required to attend and  participate.  Saturday and Holiday start times are 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 and 3:00.  Sunday start  times are 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and (March  through September) 4:00 pm.  Double Track Times are limited to 9:00 on Saturdays plus 1:00 and 3:00 or 4:00 on Sundays.  ABCRI reserves the right to specify which  tent and track each group will use.  Each Group will have its own tent with a refreshing, cooling mist system overlooking  one 3 lane Box Car Track. Double Track Events will have two tents and use of both 3 lane Box Car Tracks.   The tracks are about 500' long with 3  lanes and 12 turns.  Starting ramps provide most of the power. Few  people sit during a box car event, even in the rain!
Each event time period includes:
               3 hours private use of a tent next to one 3 lane Box Car Track
               3 tables 8' long about 24 chairs under the tent
               Track Time is the middle 2 hours of the 3 hour event time period
                     (first and last 1/2 hour in tent only)                                            
               Use of a fleet of about 8 box cars during track time
               Required Group Safety Instructions (10 minutes before track time) for all parents and kids
An extra 15 minutes is allowed before and after each event for set-up and  clean-up.  Please plan to arrive and depart on time. Families who arrive after instructions begin will have to wait at the  entrance until an instructor is available.
Please plan your event around our facility as it  is. For liability reasons and considerations of others we ask that you leave extra tables and chairs at home.

Payment in full of the program fee is normally due 3 days after making the reservation, if 30+ days ahead of event.  If your event exceeds 35  people (or 70 for a double track party), we will settle up for the overage as you leave.  Refunds for canceling the event time will be made  only if: 1) requested 30 days ahead of the event or 2) the original event time can be rebooked.  You may change your event time/date at any  time 30 days ahead of the event. Changes requested less than 30 days  before the event will incur a $125 change fee per time slot for each  occurrence, which is refundable only if we are able to rebook your  original event time.  Canceling or rescheduling 7 days or less from reservation = No Refund.  No Shows = No Refund.

Make check payable to  "ABCRI"
Mail check and copy of signed contract to:         ABCRI
                                                                           1518 Evelyn Lane
                                                                           Honolulu, Hawaii   96822

     You are welcome to  call to confirm receipt of your program fee payment.  No confirmation notice will be sent, but you will be called if your payment does not arrive as agreed.  A reasonable contact effort is made before canceling a reservation.

Please plan to recruit 2 to 4 adult Track Marshals for your event. Track Marshals help larger families at your event  and assist our instructor to monitor the safe use of the ramp and track  by all your guests.  Rotating Track Marshals usually works best, so more is better.

About 8 box cars are provided for use with each 3 lane track.  The "Sumo" box cars can hold up to a 300 pound
adult. Parents can double up on the Sumo cars only if their children's legs can cross in front of the dash.
REPAIR CHARGES:  $20 each for broken steering  cables and other box car repairs due to beyond normal treatment.

Box Cars perform well in rainy weather and kids find it exciting.  On rainy days bring towels and, if desired, trash bags (w/scissors) to make ponchos.  Sun block is recommended year-round.  Driving in the rain is safe, exciting and equals full use  of facility. Rescheduling due to constant downpour (normal rainy day  does not qualify) is ABCRI's decision. BOX CAR RACING IS AN ALL WEATHER ADVENTURE!

     Track Rules are included on the Invitation , page 2, below the waiver.


What is a box car?
Box cars are gravity-powered wooden cars, about 5 feet long with steel steering and braking components and small bicycle wheels and tires.  Kids and adults up to 300 pounds can ride them.

What age kids can ride box cars?
Kids from 1 to 100 can ride box cars.  Kids from ages 1 to 6 can ride with Mom or Dad in a Sumo Box Car, if they fit with legs crossed.

Is instruction provided?
All participants are given Safety Instruction which instructs parents how  to train their kids to drive.  Children vary widely in the amount of  training  needed. The step-by-step training method allows kids to find their own safe pace through the learning curve of driving.  Adults require less training, but do need to get used to how quickly box cars steer.

Do girls like box car racing?
Both girls and boys love to drive box cars.  Girls are often better driver than boys because they may maintain better composure. Smooth driving makes a box car go faster.  A common problem for parents during family events is getting the kids (big and  small) off the track to eat, cut the cake or leave.

Why do we have to pay for adults who do not drive?
Part of ABCRI's mission is to facilitate healthy family activities.  We want to facilitate parents having an engaging, learning experience with their children.  Guidelines and  program fees have been structured to allow for participation of all.

Can I bring a group of kids by myself?
ABCRI Family Events and Public Hours are designed for family participation.  Kids need parental (or adult family guardian) attention to learn to drive safely.  Single Parents who have to work  may send their child with an Uncle, Auntie or Adult Family Member who  can act as Guardian for the day, train and supervise the child. School and Youth Program Groups may come to the track with fewer parents and guardians, if the group's behavior is safe. These groups must have a paid staff leadership structure in place, have developed a group consciousness and  are able to learn box car driving safely with counselors and some  parents.   

Can I stay longer than my party time?
Please plan to hold all of your activities during your party time period.  At  this time there is no other area available for pre- or  post-activity gathering.  Extending your party time ($50 per half hour per  track) is possible only if there is no party scheduled after yours and  if an instructor is available, which can be determined when you check in on party day.